3rd Generation - Since 1907
100 Water Street
Skowhegan, Maine 04976
Overboard In Love
Mark's beautiful sailboat was his pride and joy, and more often than not his sailing mate was the love of his life, Ellen. Sunshine, fluffy white clouds, and a light breeze made today a perfect day to go for a sail in the bay.

Mark's plan was to sail into a private little cove that he had discovered a few weeks earlier. It was here that he planned to take out the diamond engagement ring and ask Ellen to marry him. The champagne was on ice . . . he wanted to make this a very special day for Ellen.

Anchoring the boat, he put his plan in motion. Taking the ring out of his pocket, he called her name and began walking toward her. She saw the ring in his hand and beamed with pleasure about what was going to happen next.

As he prepared to kneel down in front of her, he slipped. He reached for the railing, the ring fell from his hand, over the side of the boat, and into the water.

Both Mark and Ellen stood in stunned silence and watched as the ring quickly disappeared from view. Ellen turned to Mark with a gasp, but then said, "well, honey, I can only hope that ring was insured!" He explained to her how much he had wanted to make this such a special day, then picked up the champagne and two glasses, saying "it's the thought that counts, and, yes, the ring was insured".

He brought the bottle over to her but she had absolutely no interest in champagne. He said, "C'mon honey, let's celebrate our love anyway. I want you to marry me; the ring will just have to come a little later."

At the moment he was about to pour, Ellen glanced down at the glass and was startled to see a diamond ring . . . wait a minute, another diamond ring? What about the one that went overboard? She looked at Mark quizzically . . . "what are you up to buster?"

Mark smiled as he said, "The ring I dropped was straight from the dime store honey. I wanted to make a point that objects are just things. It's not a ring that makes my love for you so real and so deep, but this diamond ring I put on your finger now is an important symbol of my love for you. Will you be my wife?"

Ellen held out her hand for him to slip the ring on her finger and tearfully responded, "Mark, I would be honored to be your wife."