3rd Generation - Since 1907
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Pearls Of Wisdom
Celebrating fifteen years of marriage, Frank and Dede were finally on the dream vacation of a lifetime in Belize. It had been ten years since they'd been able to take a trip devoted to their passion for scuba diving, and they intended to spend as much time under water as possible for the next seven days.

As a dive master loaded equipment onto a boat for their much-anticipated first diving day, the sun was just coming up over the horizon. Frank and Dede sat on the top deck of the boat and sipped freshly-squeezed, icy cold orange juice as they watched the loading project. A charge of excitement shot through them as the boat slowly pulled away from the pier.

Today's dive would be at the old "pirate ship", at least that's what everyone called it. There were rumored to be great treasures of gold aboard this sailing vessel at one time. Only a few coins and some small trinkets had ever been salvaged.

After a thorough check of their equipment, Frank kicked his feet backwards, splashing into the water, followed by Dede. He took her hand as they slowly descended the short distance to the ship.

They swam around the old ship, peeked into some of the doors and windows, and examined some of the intricate woodwork which was in remarkable condition for such an old ship.

After lunch they were back in the water, this time exploring just at the bow of the old ship. Seeing Frank turning over rocks and scouring the bottom of the ocean floor, Dede began to do the same. After poking around under a variety of rocks and shipwreck debris, she picked up what looked like a small rock and then dropped it in surprise. She moved her hands frantically to get Frank's attention and motioned him over to see what she had found.

When Frank reached her she pointed to the oyster at her feet. What excited Dede was the fact that not only was the oyster partially open, but coming from inside the oyster was not just one pearl -- there appeared to be a whole string of pearls! Frank gestured for her to pick it back up which she did, very carefully.

As she slowly pulled the string of pearls from their hiding place she turned to look at Frank and saw him mouthing the words, "I love you honey. Happy anniversary!" They drifted slowly to the surface where she thanked him with a big kiss and a hug.