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Surprise Party
It was Mom's 40th birthday and Dad wanted to have a surprise party for her. Rather than take Mom out of the house and bring her back to a house full of friends, he tried the ultimate challenge . . . to sneak thirty people into the house while she was there!

He let us in on what was going to happen, but he was a bit concerned that my ten-year-old younger sister's excitement would cause Mom to be suspicious.

First he had to get the house clean. There, of course, was no way HE could do it because that would be a big clue that something was going on. So he told Mom he had invited his boss and his wife over for a game of bridge and they would be bringing their two-year-old son. This accomplished two things. Number one, it gave my Mother a reason to tidy up the house, and since my sister loved to take care of their little boy, the ploy would disguise her excitement over the surprise party.

Dad arranged for everyone to gather at the neighbor's house immediately across the street. They were to call the house when everyone was assembled.

The telephone rang, Dad answered it, and said, "Okay . . . we'll see you when you get here" and then told Mom that our bridge guests would be a little late.

Then the action began: Dad called for Mom to help him search for a contact lens he had allegedly lost in the upstairs bathroom. As they were on the floor searching for the contact lens, thirty people were sneaking into the lower family room. That was my signal to come running upstairs yelling, "Mom! Mom! Susan is sick! She's throwing up!" At that very moment Dad miraculously found his contact lens. Mom grabbed some towels and then came tearing down the stairs to the family room to be greeted by a big "SURPRISE!" from all of her friends.

She practically fell down the last few stairs she was so shocked! She turned around and there was Dad standing behind her. He placed a beautiful box in her hand saying, "Happy Birthday sweetheart."

Mom opened the box to find a gorgeous diamond pendant. As tears streamed down her face, Dad took the necklace from her hands and fastened it around her neck. He gave her a big kiss and then declared, "Party time!"