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Who's That Knocking At My Door?
Joe traveled a great deal with his job but never failed to call Becky every evening when he was traveling. His phone call this night, however, couldn't make up for the fact that it was their wedding anniversary and he wasn't there to celebrate it with her.

The phone rang and Becky picked it up, desperately trying not to let him hear in her voice how hurt she really was. For fifteen minutes they were laughing and joking and he was telling her his plan for how they would celebrate their anniversary as soon as he arrived home from his trip.

Their conversation was interrupted by a loud knocking on the front door. Becky figured it was probably her neighbor Cindy bringing goodies over to cheer her up.

Walking toward the front door with the phone up to her ear, still visiting with Joe, she swung the door open and almost passed right out!

There stood Joe, a cellular phone propped on his shoulder as he continued to speak to her, a bottle of champagne in his right hand, and a beautifully gift-wrapped box holding a diamond bracelet in his left. As he handed her the gift he said, "Our anniversary celebration begins right now. Happy Anniversary sweetheart. I love you".