3rd Generation - Since 1907
100 Water Street
Skowhegan, Maine 04976
Let's Make A Deal
No matter what her age, Patricia's birthday was always a big deal. It was her special day and she loved to make the most of it. Dave decided to involve the couple's two young daughters in a birthday game for Patricia where the ultimate prize was . . . well . . . something very nice.

Fashioned after the television game show, "Let's Make A Deal", Dave gave his wife Patricia 20 one dollar bills to start the game.

Approaching a chest with three drawers Dave said, "You may pick drawer number one, drawer number two, or drawer number three . . . in one drawer is a fifty dollar bill, in another is a five dollar bill, and in the third drawer there's nothing. For five dollars, which drawer do you choose?"

Patricia handed over five one dollar bills. The girls were jumping up and down and shouting, "Choose number one Mommy!", "No, choose number two Mommy!", "No, choose number three!". Finally she selected drawer number two and in it was a fifty dollar bill. She and the girls jumped up and down with excitement.

Dave said, "Had you chosen drawer number one, you would have received five dollars" as he removed the five dollar bill. "And in drawer number three was a complete zilch -- nothing!"

Walking into the kitchen, Dave said, "here we have the dog's dish, and two cat dishes, one for each cat. For five of your one dollar bills, under one of those dishes is a fifty dollar bill, under the other is a five dollar bill, and under the third there is nothing . . . which do you choose?" Now the kids were really into it, first pointing to one dish and then another. Patricia pondered for some time before she made her decision.

After much deliberation, she chose the dog's dish, carefully lifted it, and under it, Zilch! . . . nothing. "Had you chosen this cat dish, you would have received fifty dollars, or under this dish", as he overturned it, "you would have found five dollars."

The game went on and on, some she won, some she lost, and some she broke even, but the excitement in the air was electric.

They ended up in the master bedroom staring at three pillows on the bed. "Under one pillow is fifty dollars, under a second pillow five dollars, and under the third is nothing. Hand me five one dollar bills and you can choose." Of course, the debate between the three ladies was once again very fervent.

Then Dave said, "Your head lies on one of the pillows as we sleep. My head lies on another pillow as we sleep. But the one in the middle . . . that's the one your daughters lie on when they come to sleep in our bed."

Patricia reached over and lifted the pillow in the middle; under it was a beautifully-wrapped package. Inside she found the most exquisite sapphire ring she had ever seen with a note that read, "Happy Birthday from three people who would not be here without you."