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Monster Truck Mama!
For the most part, my husband and kids treat me like a queen on Mother's Day. Last year, though, I was beginning to wonder if they had totally forgotten the day because all I was hearing about was that they had tickets to go to some big monster truck rally coming to town on "my" day! I kept trying to subtly remind them that there was a big day involved and all I got was, "Yeah! Wow! This is going to be so cool!" So, finally, I decided that if I couldn't sway them in my direction I'd just have to join them at the rally and consider it a treat of a different sort!

Quite honestly I had a terrific time at that truck rally. The roaring trucks doing unimaginable tricks, the speedsters who blew past us in a plume of smoke and flames . . . all of it was pretty exciting. I was getting into it so much that when my husband asked us if we'd like to go behind the grandstand and look at some of the trucks parked out there, I was the one saying "Yeah! Cool! Let's check these things out up close!" He just grinned and shook his head at me.

The kids and I held each other's hands and trailed David out to the area where the trucks were parked, oohing and aahing at the size of those things. We stopped at a big purple truck that had tires as big as my whole car. I was fascinated with its sheer size, and when David asked me if I'd like to get inside it, my answer was an unhesitating "Yes!". He asked the owner if that would be okay, and between him and David they hoisted me up until I was sitting on top of the world surveying my kingdom from a monster truck.

I put my hands on the wheel, not quite doing a "vroom, vroom", but close. I felt like a kid playing grown up and I decided at that moment that this really was a terrific Mother's Day.

I looked down at the dash to see what kind of gizmos would be included in such a truck and saw that an envelope was blocking my view. And the envelope had my name on it. I looked down at David & the kids to see them watching me avidly with huge grins on their faces. I picked up the envelope to find a small jewelry box sitting behind it but prolonged the moment by politely reading the very beautiful, loving card first. Then I picked up the pretty little box and removed the shimmering ribbons and gold paper. Inside was a pair of blue topaz earrings which I immediately put on and surveyed in the monster truck's rear view mirror to admire my family's good taste.

Climbing down to thank David and the kids, I realized that this truly had been a wonderful Mother's Day with my family and I wouldn't have traded it for my "normal" Mother's Day for anything!