3rd Generation - Since 1907
100 Water Street
Skowhegan, Maine 04976
Now That's A Prize!
Having dated for five years, Sue knew that it was only a matter of time before Larry popped the question. This particular Saturday afternoon found them enjoying a beautiful Fall afternoon at the city zoo. Excusing himself, Larry went over and bought a couple of sodas, a bag of popcorn for himself, and for Sue, her favorite, Cracker Jacks.

Just like a little kid, she couldn't wait to find the prize hidden in the box. After every handful, she would reach deeper into the box, feeling around for that ever-famous little plastic toy. All of a sudden, a smile lit up her face . . . she'd found it. Shaking the box back & forth while wiggling her fingers inside she pulled the prize from the box, anxious to see what it was.

A look of astonishment came over her face. This wasn't a toy . . . no, this was a beautiful diamond ring. Larry pulled her to him, and as he asked her to be his bride, he carefully slid that diamond ring onto her finger.